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What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair

What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair

What is Chebe Powder? This powder is a homemade product made by the Basara Arab women of Chad. This African ethnic group is known for their hip length 4c hair. I know…hip length! For centuries Black women have been convinced that their hair can’t grow past a certain length. Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s straight up not true!
Chebe powder keeps the hair moisturized and lubricated, preventing any breakage. It’s the world’s best-kept secret for length retention, and it’s 110% natural and non-toxic. The powder is made from cherry seeds, resin tree sap, clove, lavender croton, and stone scent. This mixture creates the powerful Chebe powder, which works to condition and deeply moisturizes the hair.
Basara Arab women don’t wash the powder from their hair, but seeing as that’s not very practical for our purposes, we have added some other natural, powerful ingredients to make the mask just as effective in a shorter amount of time!



Chebe Powder Growth Hair Mask

The second star of our #DearBlackGirl 4C hair kit is….drumroll please….a hair mask! And not just any regular, regular hair mask. This mask is special because, like the rest of the products in the kit, it’s formulated specifically for 4c kinky-curly hair. To add to that specialness, we sourced a very special ingredient directly from Chad to give this mask the star ingredient we knew it and your hair deserved! Enter: Chebe Powder Growth Hair Mask. Keep reading to learn all about this unique and special hair mask developed specifically with 4c hair in mind!  And have you joined our exclusive Facebook group just for kicky coily gals?! You gotta!



1. add 1 tsp of Chebe mask to bowl
2. blend fresh ingredient with 1 cup of water for about 1 minute
3. mix blended ingredient with mask powder until smooth
4. apply to freshly washed or damp hair and cover with a plastic bag for at least 1 hour
5. rinse with cool water and wash with conditioner to make sure all of the ingredients are out of your hair
6. follow up with leave-in for moisture and seal
**tip: you can also mix the mask powder with your favorite conditioner


This mask was formulated especially for kinky-curly 4C hair. Some of the benefits we wanted this mask to deliver include stimulated growth and thickness, intense, locked-in moisture, and strong, conditioned hair. The star of the show here though, and the super special ingredient we got directly from the source (which is also the namesake of this mask) is a powerful powder known as Chebe powder.


What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair
Cassia, which is also the star of our CASSIA STRENGTHENING HAIR GLOSS, is an intense deep conditioning ingredient in this mask. Cassia is known as natural henna that’s native to Asia and parts of Africa. It’s a natural hair conditioner that restores damaged hair. We also love it because it helps eliminate dandruff by supplying the scalp with nutrients that may have been missing and caused a dry scalp. Overall, cassia is a great strengthening ingredient for the hair, and in order for hair to grow long, it needs to be strong. Cassia helps strengthen hair from the follicle, making it a no brainer ingredient to include in this hair mask!
What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair
Fenugreek is another star ingredient in another one of our best-selling masks, INTENSE FENUGREEK REGENERATION HAIR MASK
We added it to our Chebe Mask for the very same reasons. Fenugreek seeds have a hormone that helps promote and stimulate hair growth. It’s also packed with a ton of hair-healthy vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B6, C, riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. All of these combined create a powerful hair strengthening and lengthening ingredient. Fenugreek is often used to treat hair loss, making it perfect for this hair growth mask. It helps restore moisture to the hair and prevent breakage. It helps add shine and makes hair easier to detangle. Overall, fenugreek helps restore and repair each strand from follicle to end.
What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair
Amla, aka Indian gooseberry, has a ton of benefits for natural hair. It’s high in vitamin C, making it beneficial for our bodies as well. It’s been used in Ayurveda to aid bodily ailments like throat infections, low blood sugar, and a low immune system. It’s a super hair healthy fruit because it helps stimulate hair growth and keeps the follicle healthy. Amla has a lot of carotene and antioxidants, which help reduce hair loss and damage from free radicals. We added it to CHAD because it helps seal moisture into the hair shaft while making it easy to detangle. We know how important nutrients are to maintaining natural 4C hair, so we knew amla was the perfect ingredient to add to this mask simply because of how healthy it keeps the hair.
Maqui is a type of wineberry native to South America. Being that it’s a wineberry, and wine is packed with antioxidants, this berry isn’t short on them! Consuming this berry has a slew of benefits for our bodies including lowering high cholesterol and protecting the body from diabetes and some forms of cancer. As far as what it does for our hair, it helps increase human hair papilla cells. These cells are essentially the beginning of our hair follicles. We included maqui in this mask because of its ability to do this, which in turn promotes hair growth. Pretty cool, huh?
What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair
Ginseng is a root native to Asia. It has a ton of medicinal benefits, but we love it and added it to this mask because it’s great for helping reduce hair loss. Ginseng is great for improving the health of our hair follicle. It’s similar to maqui in that it helps increase the number of papilla cells in our scalps. A happier, healthier scalp is almost guaranteed to produce happier, healthier hair. Ginseng also helps reduce dandruff!
Avocado fruit and seed are jam-packed with fatty acids that our hair and scalp love! Together, these superfoods help nourish, restore, and intensely moisturize the hair from root to tip. The seed helps promote hair growth, leading to thicker hair. They both help support high porosity hair and keep moisture sealed into the hair. Brittle hair will no longer be an issue either since avocado helps ease that too. Say goodbye to split ends frizz, too! We love avocado in general, so adding it to CHAD seemed like the best choice because of how soft and manageable it leaves the hair, while also keeping it healthy from the follicle.
What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair
Burdock root is full of vitamin A and essential fatty acids that our hair needs to grow. We’ve added it to a few of our hair masks because of this and it continues to be a staple in our growth products especially. We also love it because it’s super slippery. It produces mucilage that adds a nice slip to the hair, making it easier to work with and detangle. It also conditions the hair without stripping and keeps the hair super strong through the shaft. This somewhat unassuming shrub actually has some pretty great uses for our hair!
Parsley doesn’t just garnish our plates of food. This herb also has a slew of hair-healthy benefits that fit right into what this Chebe hair mask is all about. It’s full of vitamins A, C, B12, and K. Parsley adds slip to the hair and deep cleans it without stripping. It also helps prevent shedding and hair loss, and consistent use of parsley oil has shown to increase hair growth! We love it because it helps balance the pH and detoxify the scalp, allowing it to thrive. Promoting a healthy scalp will promote healthier hair from growth. Parsley also softens the hair and adds a nice, natural sheen!
What is Chebe Powder? Women of Chad with Hip-length 4C Hair
Stinging nettle is a herbaceous plant that’s also a natural astringent. Adding this, we knew it would help balance the scalp naturally and cultivate a healthier environment for the hair to grow and thrive. A stinging nettle is also a great option for hair shedding and loss because it helps slow it down and reduce it. We added it to our Chebe hair mask because of its ability to add shine to otherwise dull hair.
Babassu oil is a light vegetable oil that comes from the seeds of the babassu palm, which is typically found in the Amazon. It’s full of vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It’s also anti-everything — bacterial, microbial, fungal, and inflammatory. It’s a deeply hydrating oil and provides the hair and scalp with intense moisture without weighing it down. It also helps repair split ends and nourishes dry, brittle hair. We love it because of its awesome ability to support and nourish high porosity hair. It keeps moisture where it’s supposed to be and helps prevent damage from free radicals.
Jamaican black castor oil is rich in hair-friendly fatty acids like ricinoleic acid, omega-3s, and omega-6s. JBCO is amazing for increasing blood circulation to the scalp which, in turn, promotes hair growth. The result of consistent use of JBCO is thicker, fuller, shinier hair. It’s also a great detangler and helps get rid of knots without painful ripping from the root!


We know how difficult length retention can be for kinky-curly 4c hair. This mask was formulated with this idea in mind and the hope that over time and with consistent use, you’ll notice growth and overall thickness. The addition of the super special Chebe powder ups the ante of the mask by giving it a secret weapon ingredient that women in Chad have been using for centuries to grow out their 4c hair to exquisite lengths, naturally. Don’t even believe for a second that 4c hair can’t grow past a certain length. The Basara Arab women of Chad have been debunking that myth for years, and with our  Chebe Powder Hair Growth Mask, we hope you can too!

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