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Top 10 Fresh Ingredients You Can Mix with Our Hair Masks

Belle Bar Hair masks

We’ve just launched our Fresh Foods Only Challenge! This is a chance for you to see a real difference in your hair by mixing natural ingredients into our nourishing hair masks. Adding fresh ingredients complements and enhances the benefits of the hair masks. Right now, we’re offering two of our hair masks for 15% off with the code ‘2HAIRMASKS’. Read on to find out how to take part in the challenge!

The rules of the challenge

Using two of our hair masks, you’re going to mix in only fresh ingredients for 30 days. No conditioner. Prepare to see shine, moisture and strength in your hair! Always make sure your masks are the consistency of baby food so be sure to be mindful of if you need to add water, and how much if so. 

The challenge starts on 27 June and ends on 19 July. To join, you have to be a member of our private Facebook group – join here. To kickstart your participation in the challenge, post a ‘before’ picture of your hair between Saturday 27 June and Sunday 5 July. Use the hashtag of the mask (i.e. #FENUGREEK), the hashtag of the fresh ingredient you’ve chosen  (i.e. #AVOCADO) and #FRESHFOODONLY for every post for the challenge. The final picture of the challenge is due between Wednesday 15 July and Sunday 19 July. We’ll be announcing winners the following week – we can’t wait to see your results!

10 top ingredients to try

Summer is on the way! So we’ve listed some of our favorite nourishing and moisturizing fresh ingredients that will enhance the results of our hair masks. These ingredients are easy to find in your local grocery store – try to purchase organic for maximum results. 

Always make sure your masks are the consistency of baby food. If you’re using ingredients that are thick such as banana and avocado, be sure to add water into the mask to balance it out. For thicker ingredients, use less water. We’ll be breaking down how to get the right consistency below. We’ve also recommended masks that work great with the ingredients, although all combinations work well – it all comes down to what your hair needs and its porosity.  

Banana Belle Bar


This is moisture 101! Bananas are rich in vitamins and potassium which aid in your hair’s elasticity and shine. They are also rich in vitamin B6 which calms excess oil production, and therefore supports the hair in healthy growth. They are great for preventing breakage and softening your hair. If you’re looking for moisture whether low or high porosity, this is your go-to! Make sure to strain the mixture before applying it to your hair, as getting the pulp out of your kinks and curls will be a nightmare. If you’re craving intense moisture, pair this with our  Chebe Powder Growth Hair Mask or our Ultra Nourishing Guacamole Hair Mask, and if you’re looking to strengthen your hair, combine it with our Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss.


You may or may not have heard about the amazing benefits pumpkin can have on your hair! It’s one of the most underrated fresh ingredients when it comes to hair care! It contains essential fatty acids, zinc, omega-3s and phytosterol, which are great for producing collagen and stimulating hair growth. They are also packed with vitamin A – which is essential for cells to grow hair. Pumpkin works great for all hair porosities. Add one cup of chopped and cooked pumpkin to your hair mask, or use one cup of organic pumpkin puree – both get the job done! If you’re a high porosity gal, pair the pumpkin with our  Fenugreek Regeneration Hair Mask. This mask is a great shot of protein which will strengthen your hair, and the pumpkin perfectly balances it out by providing intense moisture.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pure moisture boost, mix the pumpkin puree with our nourishing Chebe Powder Growth Hair Mask.

Coconut milk

If your hair is high porosity, or you’re looking to add some protein to your mask, go for coconut milk. It’s rich in fatty acids that penetrate the hair and strengthen the cuticle, which in turn reduces hair loss. It relieves dry and itchy scalp and eliminates dandruff without drying your hair. This is because it’s packed vitamin E which helps to reduce free radicals that break down your scalp’s follicles. To use, add half a tin into your hair mask! If you’re a low porosity girl and feel your hair needs some protein, you can go for this but be sure to combine it with banana and/ or honey for the moisture you need – doing this will also improve the consistency. This works well for high porosity girls too – although you could substitute the banana and / or honey for two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Because coconut milk is a great source of protein, be wary of adding it to a protein mask as this can cause protein overload. It’s definitely best to add coconut milk to a moisturizing mask, that isn’t primarily protein such as our Chebe Powder Growth Hair MaskRestorative Hibiscus Hair Mask  or Ultra Nourishing Guacamole Hair Mask

Honey Belle Bar


We all know about the magical benefits honey has for natural hair. It’s the mother of all moisturizers! It has humectant properties which help moisture bond to your strand – reducing frizz (for the high porosity gals). It also has antibacterial properties which help to keep the scalp clean and healthy without drying it. It also eliminates dandruff and prompts cell production – which means hair growth! Use between 2–3 tablespoons of honey, depending on how much moisture your hair needs. It’s great for hair of different porosity levels. Because honey is quite thin, it’s great to add it to a mask along with some avocado. Not only does this help to get the mask to the right consistency, avocado is also a source of protein and good fats. Honey works great with any mask of ours of your choice. 


Most of us have heard about the wonderful antioxidant properties and overall health benefits of blueberries. But did you know that they also work great for your hair? Blueberries are rich in Vitamins A and E which are essential for healthy hair growth. Vitamin C is particularly useful for hair growth because it feeds the follicles in your scalp, enabling healthy hair growth. Grab a handful of blueberries and add it to your hair mask – they’ll nourish your strands from the inside out. Be sure to strain them after you’ve blended though – if not you’ll be picking out buts in your hair for days! To get the right consistency for the mask, add in 2-3 teaspoons of a carrier oil like olive oil or jojoba to the mask. This goes amazingly with our Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask which strengthens and moisturizes at the same time, and our Rice Water Health & Strength Mask! It’s going to not only look but smell amazing. 

Check out this video which shows how to use berries in your mask! (Bear in mind this was taken a while ago so our packaging is completely new and improved!)

Plain yoghurt

All the gals who need protein – please stand up! If you’re high porosity, adding plain yoghurt to your hair mask is a brilliant way to give your hair the strength it needs. It naturally contains vitamin D which plays an essential part in the creation of new hair follicles which is great for those who are seeking volume. It also contains lactic acid which removes dead skin cells and acts as a cleanser. Only use about a half a cup of plain, organic yoghurt and add it to any hair mask of your choice – preferably one that isn’t a protein mask as this can cause protein overload. Go for a moisturizing mask instead – although, if you do got a protein mask, be sure to toss in some uber moisturizing ingredients in there like banana, honey, pumpkin or papaya to balance it out. 


Need we say more?! Avocado contains copper and folic acid which give your hair a healthy shine. Avocado is full of healthy fatty acids that help to both strengthen and nourish your scalp hair and scalp. It also contains protein – however if you have low porosity hair, it’s still fine for you to use as the protein in avocado is relatively low. For an extra boost of protein for the high porosity girl, add the avocado to our Rice Water Health & Strength Mask, and if you’re a little protein sensitive, mix it in with our Ultra Nourishing Guacamole Hair Mask for double moisture and nourishment. 

Aloe vera Belle Bar

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an all-round magic ingredient for natural hair. It’s deeply moisturising, and contains vitamins C, E, B-12 and folic acid. It also has enzymes that help reduce scalp inflammation and irritation. It contains zinc which fights off hair loss and deficiency, and copper which prevents premature greying. Add ½ cup to a cup of aloe vera juice or the insides of aloe vera stalk to the hair mask – if you’re looking for moisturised hair that has great slip, this one’s for you. Great with all of our masks. 

 *stay away if you are low porosity unless your hair loves aloe vera. Aloe vera helps seals the cuticle which can make it harder for you to let moisture in.


Research shows that eating papaya can reduce balding and help thinning hair. So why not add this ingredient to your hair mask? It contains enzymes which break down dead cells and have the capacity to eliminate build up. It’s also rich in vitamin A which helps produce sebum, your hair’s natural oil. Papaya is deeply nourishing! It’s especially great for low porosity hair, or hair that’s craving moisture. Use a quarter or half of a ripe papaya , blend it,strain it and mix it into your mask. For high porosity hair, papaya will work great with our Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss, and for low porosity, go with Chebe Powder Growth Hair Mask or our Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask.


We’re all used to strawberry-scented products, but using actual strawberries on your hair is the real deal. They’re packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants that moisturize while removing excess buildup. They also contain omega  fatty acids which aid in opening up the follicles on your scalp  essential for healthy hair. This works great with any porosity hair so it’s a good idea to pair it with other ingredients that’ll either give you the strength or moisture you need. To your mask, add a generous handful of blended strawberries and watch them work their magic! To thicken up the consistency, add two tablespoons of a carrier oil or a banana – this will give extra for moisture. Feel free to throw in some blended blueberries too! Add strawberries to any mask of your choice. 

Join our community here to take part in our #FRESHFOODSONLY challenge!

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