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Tips and Tricks for Oily and Dry Skin Types

Tips and Tricks for Oily and Dry Skin Types

Yesterday we covered “normal” skin, but since not all of us are blessed with such straightforward skin types, let’s talk about what’s going on with skin types that are a bit more complicated…


Skin that produces high levels of sebum is considered oily. People with oily skin tend to have enlarged pores and, due to the bacteria oil attracts, are prone to breakouts. Stress, hormone levels, and certain medications can cause oily skin, but genetics play a big role in your skin type too. Thanks, parents!

What to do: Daily

This tutorial on the oil cleansing method is the bomb and great to use as a reference!





Signs of dry skin are pretty apparent: slightly rough in appearance and to the touch, flakiness, tightness maybe even itchiness. If you’ve got dry skin you know the importance of maintaining moisture levels year around.

How to Deal



We recommend including yogurt, honey, and avocado oil because it’s great at penetrating the skin, getting rid of dead skin and locking in hydration.

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