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This is How to Add Protein to Your Hair

This is How to Add Protein to Your Hair

We’ve covered what protein is and how to tell if your hair is in need for some TLC. Now for the fun part! Here’s how to properly add protein to your hair.


Mother Nature has everything we need to take care of ourselves, which is why our bodies and minds respond so well to natural ingredients and products. I mean, how else did our ancestors get by? When it comes to strengthening hair treatments, there are lots of great ayurvedic herbs you can add to your routine.






As a reference, check out three different ways you can use henna glosses!

And definitely peep how Amber Ansah includes henna to create a DIY  protein treatment!



While creating your own quick mix is ideal–knowing exactly what is going into your hair and the quality of ingredients gives you peace of mind–there are some great store-bought protein treatment options for those days when mixing your own won’t work. Be sure to pay close attention to the ingredients and instructions labeled, you don’t want to cause more harm than good.


When the hair is too strong without adequate moisture, it can break. To avoid this situation, refrain from adding protein to your weekly routine when starting out. Try alternating strengthening glosses and moisturizing treatments throughout the month to make sure everything is in perfect balance. If you’re going in with pure henna or cassia mix, rather than a gloss, stick to once a month.


We’ve covered proteins and why they’re good for your hair, but what protein sensitivity? While hair strands are made up of proteins, some hair types don’t respond well to frequently adding proteins to the hair. Other than actual protein treatments, there are styling and moisturizing products with proteins in them, and for some, this can cause irritation.

If your hair seems hard, crunchy and brittle after a protein treatment or using products with proteins in them, you might be protein sensitive or have protein overload. Before making any hasty decisions, do a strand test! As we’ve covered, you must, must, must balance out any type of additional protein to the hair with moisture–it’s key. So, take a small section of hair and add the protein-based product of your choice, and let dry. It’s completely normal for protein to make the hair a bit harder or stiff, but if you find that your hair is super brittle and breaking, you’re protein sensitive.

This isn’t anything to worry about, you can totally still strengthen your hair. Moderation will be your best friend. Try only doing a protein treatment once every 4-6 weeks, and always follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. This way, you get to strengthen your hair every once in a while without causing further damage. Best of both worlds!

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