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The Belle Bar Organic Hair Ritual #3 – Deep Conditioning

The Belle Bar Organic Hair Ritual #3 - Deep Conditioning

The Belle Bar Organic Hair Ritual #3 – Deep Conditioning

Welcome to Belle Bar Organic and welcome to your new natural hair practice. We call it a practice because it is more than a regimen, it is a time to pour into yourself and reconnect. For black women haircare is self-care and we invite you to indulge in yourself and the process. So throw on some music, your new favorite podcast, or that film you have been dying to see. Light some candles, prepare your work area, and give your hair some love. Welcome to the family and welcome to the journey.


BBO Products

Strengthening Masks (In order of protein strength)

Henna Strengthening Hair Gloss

Intense Fenugreek Regeneration Hair Mask

Rice Water Health & Strength Hair Mask


Balanced Mask ( Mainly moisturizing with a tiny shot of protein)

Chebe Powder Growth Hair Mask


Moisturizing Masks

Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

Ultra Nourishing Guacamole Hair Mask



High Porosity – Alternate BBO Strengthening Masks and BBO Moisturizing Masks every other week. Your hair is in need of protein so you need to go back and forth between protein and moisture to achieve that balance.

Low/Combination/Normal Porosity – Use BBO Moisturizing Masks for 4 weeks straight, then use BBO Strengthening Mask for one week, then go back to BBO Moisturizing masks for 4 weeks straight. Your hair does not need a lot of protein so this frequency will keep your hair balanced.

*FOR ALL POROSITIES – Use a moisturizing conditioner or all-natural ingredients with our BBO hair masks. Do not mix our products with protein, keratin conditioners. That is too much protein and will throw off the balance you are trying to create. You cannot rush hair health with overuse of protein, time and consistency is the only thing that will work.


Mix, press out, or blend well to a consistency of baby food and strain. A blender is best. YOU HAVE TO STRAIN IF YOU ARE USING FRESH FRUIT/VEG OR YOU WILL END UP PICKING PIECES OF FRUIT/VEG OUT OF YOUR HAIR. IT’S NOT OPTIONAL.  Here is a video tutorial on how to use fresh fruit in our hair masks.

Sit under a hairdryer for at least 20 minutes for deeper penetration. Heat is a MUST for low porosity hair. Either sitting under a hairdryer or a hot bonnet. For high porosity, you can but it’s not necessary. Body heat with a plastic cap will do enough of the trick. For High Porosity hair it’s more about trapping the moisture in, so a rinse out with cool water is required. The less heat you use after that cool rinse, the better.

Next step in the hair ritual: Sealing in The Moisture

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