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The Belle Bar Organic Hair Ritual #2 – Cleanse

The Belle Bar Organic Hair Ritual #2 - Cleanse

The Belle Bar Organic Hair Ritual #2 – Cleanse

Welcome to Belle Bar Organic and welcome to your new natural hair practice. We call it a practice because it is more than a regimen, it is a time to pour into yourself and reconnect. For black women haircare is self-care and we invite you to indulge in yourself and the process. So throw on some music, your new favorite podcast, or that film you have been dying to see. Light some candles, prepare your work area, and give your hair some love. Welcome to the family and welcome to the journey.

Co-washing is cool but shampoo isn’t your enemy. Washing your hair with conditioner has its perks, for sure. But it also can lead to some serious product build-up and over-moisturization, which makes the hair soggy and too malleable. Be sure to balance out your co-washing schedule with cleanser so this doesn’t happen. Things like black soap and apple cider vinegar make great natural hair cleansers that don’t strip the hair the way most shampoos do! Opt for sulfate, cleanser, and paraben-free cleanser as they won’t strip and suffocate the hair. 


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Hibiscus & Black Soap Moisturizing Hair Cleanser



*This cleanser is a gentle lather. Do not expect a lot of bubbles. If you feel you need more lather just add a bit more cleanser paste. Traditional shampoos have a lot of lather as they use sulfates to strip the hair, our goal is to gently cleanse the hair and leave moisture behind.

Tip: Depending on the length and thickness of your hair you may have to rinse 3-4 times. Do not apply cleanser straight from the jar and directly on hair it will get stuck in your tresses and take longer to wash out. Always melt the cleanser with warm water first. 

Next step in your hair ritual: Deep Conditioning

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