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#RESPECTMYCROWN: Not internalizing society’s beauty standards

Did you know you’ve spent the last two whole months with us celebrating #RESPECTMYCROWN which is all about black hair as an art form and an authentic expression of our souls! You’ve let yourself and others represent their CROWN, not demonizing anyone from being natural or not, or wearing their hair straight or not! If you didn’t know already we are offering 15% off ALL individuals products with the code RESPECTMYCROWN – you heard that right! 

So let’s talk What is #RESPECTMYROWN anyway?

We women of color know that there are many definitions of beauty. We’ve grown up watching our mothers, aunties, and grandmothers define beauty entirely for themselves – carrying themselves confidently and gracefully. However, we also know that society’s standards and definitions of beauty are often completely different from ours. 

Every day, we’re bombarded with thousands of images of what the ‘perfect’ woman is like – who many of us don’t look like or see ourselves in, and sometimes it can get hard not to internalize those standards. And doing that can lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and ultimately not living your best life! Sis, life is too short for all of that. 

In order to not internalize society’s standards of beauty, it’s important that we have a different approach to it – a radical one that we define for ourselves, without caring what magazines and adverts might tell us and what’s getting likes on Instagram. For us at Belle Bar, beauty is about having a holistic approach. It’s not about the length of your hair, or the color of your skin, or your body weight. It’s about optimizing what you have and who you are – both inside and out. It might sound cliche, but sometimes we need to hear it and reinforce it as it can be easy to forget! Eating well, having a hair and self-care regimen that works for you, taking care of your skin are all things that will make you feel beautiful. Because you are. 

Having a radical, holistic approach to beauty is about focussing on your mind, body, and soul – not just your outwards appearance. Here are four easy ways to do just that. 

Define beauty for yourself

What do you consider beautiful? Charisma, confidence, a killer sense of humor? Whatever it is, write these words down in a journal, or on a piece of paper (seeing it in writing is always helpful!). Try not to make the traits you write down anything physical – it’s important that these are characteristics a person can embody. It’s also helpful to write down the non-physical things about yourself you admire. Making lists like these will always help you keep things in perspective, and keep society’s harmful definitions of beauty at bay from being internalized. 

List the things you like about yourself

Although beauty isn’t solely about appearance – appreciating and embracing how you look is a part of feeling beautiful. So what are the things you like about yourself? List these down and try to do at least 10. They can be silly (I have cute fingers!) or serious (I feel healthy in my body) – either way, it all matters. When you feel like you need a boost, go back and read them aloud. You’ll feel instantly better!

Follow the accounts of women who look like you and are slaying it!

This is an easy way to remind yourself that slayage and feeling beautiful is possible for everyone and anyone. More often than not, we tend to follow Instagram pages of women who look nothing like us – and somehow try to aspire to that. Although that might work for some, it’s not helpful for everyone! All it can be is a constant reminder of what you’re not. So flip it around! Why not do an Instagram clean-up and follow women who look like you instead – dope women with similar body shape to you or hair texture? This is a great way to boost confidence!

Positive self-talk only

It’s easy to talk down on yourself. We’re usually our own toughest critics. But embracing your own beauty is partly a mindset. Speaking harshly to yourself, being impatient, or overly critical of your flaws are all things that don’t serve us! So dump them in the bin. Telling yourself you’re beautiful – even on days, you might not feel like it – makes a difference. Research shows that positive self-talk can actually lead to an increased life span, as well as better psychological and physical well-being. So do yourself a favor and be kinder to yourself!

Yes, Belle Bar is a haircare brand but we don’t believe that only long hair is beautiful! For us, it’s about healthy hair of all different lengths and textures. We’re huge advocates of doing what feels right for you and using Ayurvedic ingredients to get the best results possible. That way, you’re taking care of yourself and your hair, by nourishing it from the inside out.

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