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Nailed Your Routine? Here’s How to Stick to It

So you finally got that hair routine down, huh? We hope it’s working for you and your hair is thriving, prospering, and shining like the sun! Now that you’ve found your products, those holy grails that everyone is always talking about, you’re probably wondering what you can do to keep your hair looking and feeling as good as it does now. Here are some of our top tips for sticking to your hair care routine!

Sticking To Your Routine: A How To Guide

Trim your hair regularly. This is foundational. Trimming your hair often is really what’s gonna change the game for you and the state of your hair. Dry, split ends make the rest of your hair look a lil lifeless too. There’s this idea that if you trim your ends, your hair will grow faster and that’s just not true. The ends of your hair have no impact on the follicle or the speed at which it grows. What trims do is keep your hair looking healthy as it’s growing. Getting rid of your split ends will improve the look, overall texture, and even the shininess of your hair. Try trimming them every 2 or 3 months to keep everything looking healthy!
Do a daily scalp massage. Have you ever massaged your scalp or had someone else do it for you? There’s no way you can tell me it doesn’t feel amazing! Adding a scalp massage to your daily hair routine is a great way to keep the blood flowing to the follicles, which helps stimulate hair growth. A healthy scalp is the key to growing strong, healthy hair. Increasing the blood flow to the scalp will increase the amount of nutrients the hair follicles receive! It’s also really nice if you’re feeling a lil stressed out! You can even up the ante by adding an oil to your scalp massage. You can opt for a carrier oil like coconut oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil, the latter being one of the best for daily use since it’s similar in consistency to the sebum in our hair. You can also dilute an essential oil in a carrier oil to get some intense benefits. Peppermint oil and tea tree oil, for example, are great for stimulating hair growth and increasing blood flow to the scalp — plus you get that tingly feeling! Rose oil is excellent for repairing damaged hair, and neem oil has amazing properties for length retention. Always dilute your oils!
Eat your protein! Our hair is mostly made of a protein called keratin and over time, without proper care, that protein can deplete. Doing protein treatments all the time isn’t ideal, since a protein overload can cause the hair to become brittle and break. A good way to get protein in your hair without applying it directly is by consuming it! What we eat has an impact all over our bodies and consuming protein is a great way to get protein back into our hair.
Make wash day a self care day. Wash day can be a task, especially if your hair falls anywhere on the curly spectrum. Between pre-poos, deep conditioning, protein treatments, and styling, the whole process can take hours. We understand how tedious this can seem, that’s why making your wash day a self care day is the best way to go about it! Make a day of it, starting with your pre-poo the night before or as soon as you wake up. Make yourself a nice breakfast, then take your time washing and hydrating your hair. Add your deep conditioner or your protein treatment, then while that’s doing it’s thing, do a face mask! Give yourself a mani-pedi! Take a nap! Do whatever you can do to relax and make the time pass. Take your time applying your leave-ins and oils — it’s no rush! The more time your take for yourself to do your routine, the less it feels like a chore. Trust us, the results are always worth it!
Don’t be afraid of clarifying. This is a good way to reset your hair if you find that your products aren’t working they way they should. It’s also good if you’re updating or cultivating a new hair care routine and want to start fresh. Clarifying shampoos are special shampoos that help deep clean the hair and scalp, getting rid of product buildup, dirt, debris, and excess oil. The best part is that they’re formulated in a way that prevents stripping, so your hair won’t feel stringy and dull after a good wash. Clarifying is great because it gets your hair to a place where it can better absorb water and products, allowing them to work to their fullest potential. So if you’re new to the fully formulated hair care game, try a clarifying shampoo before getting into it. It’ll make everything come together so much better!
Explore different styles. Your hair doesn’t have to be one note! If you have curly hair, you know that versatility is the name of the game so don’t be afraid to try something new with your hair! Wear it down one day and put it in a bun or ponytail braid the next. Have it wild and curly for a while, then slick it back to switch things up. Having the same style all the time can get a little mundane. Experimentation is what keeps having hair, especially curly hair, super exciting. Learn what your hair likes, which styles work best for you and your lifestyle, and rock them all! It’s a great way to express yourself and an amazing confidence booster.
Protect your hair overnight. All that tossing and turning on your pillowcase is doing a lot more harm than you may realize! Keeping your hair safe while your sleep is gonna improve the health and texture of it over time. Low manipulation styles like braids and low buns are great because they keep a majority of the hair protected while you sleep. It’s also a good idea to wrap your hair in a satin scarf, wear a satin bonnet, or sleep on satin pillowcases. Cotton and jersey, which are the two most common materials of bedsheets, are known for causing major friction on the hair, leading to knots and breakage. Satin works with the hair, not against it, so you won’t experience any snagging or knotting if you start sleeping on it! It’s not a luxury if it’s keeping your hair looking right!
Consistency is key. With anything in life, staying consistent is the key to success. The same applies to our hair. Being consistent with your routine, your trims, your deep conditioning/protein treatments — it’s all gonna pay off in the long run. Even in the short run! You’ll notice a difference in your hair very quickly if you stay on top of your routine. Learn your hair, pay attention to how it reacts to certain products, and give it what it needs to stay healthy and strong. It’s so worth the effort!
A good hair care routine is more than just shampoo and conditioner. It’s taking your time and really learning your hair from root to tip. Learn your hair type, learn your porosity level, keep up with a good moisturizing/hydration regimen. You’ll notice a difference a lot faster than you think! Taking care of your hair is an amazing form of self care. People place so much emphasis on having beautiful hair, and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, maintaining a good hair routine will do wonders for your confidence and peace of mind. It’s more than just hair! It’s an extension of ourselves. Take care of it and it will pay you back tenfold!

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