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Master Porosity, Master Your Hair Growth. Belle Bar Organic + Curly Proverbz Protein & Moisture 101 Hair Series

Master Porosity, Master Your Hair Growth


We partnered up with Curly Proverbz on a “Protein & Moisture 101” Hair Series. We wanted to create an educational 3-part series where we teach you the foundations of hair care.

The truth is no matter what products you apply to your hair, no matter how you protective style your hair, what videos you watch and what blogs you read, you will not achieve your optimal hair results if you do not understand the basic foundation of your hair strand.

The foundation of hair care is basically the balance between protein and moisture. Your hair is made of protein and it needs moisture to remain healthy. Your hair porosity, your hair type, your density, etc.. are all clues to finding your unique balance of protein and moisture.

So grab a pen and a pad and get ready to learn and take notes. The final destination is healthy hair. So first up is something that has confused us all, hair porosity. Finding out how tight or loose your hair cuticle is, is a game-changer.


” Super excited to have partnered up with Belle Bar Organic on this protein-focused hair education series. If you didn’t know who Bell Bar Organic is, they are a brand that is focused on producing organic natural hair care products that help women return to natural and have their tresses thriving.

This is going to be a mini-series where we are going to be focusing on education. I know that the viewers that have come to my channel for the longest time have always loved the fact that I go into the science and education about hair. I am aiming to do that with the series. We’re going to be looking at hair type and we’re going to be looking at porosity. We’re going to be looking at protein sensitivity, protein overload. Is there any such thing? If you’re excited for this new series, then comment below, I want to hear all your questions on hair growth, porosity, protein, et cetera. So without further ado, let’s get into your porosity…”

Key Takeaways From The Video


“The first thing I would say is you do not need to use heat when you are using your deep conditioning treatment. In fact, it is best for you to avoid heat altogether. The position of your cuticles can make them more fragile and more prone to breakage….”

“Another ingredient I would highly recommend if you have high porosity hair is definitely rice or rice water. Now it works really well for all different hair porosities, but especially well if you have high porosity because it acts as a protein. It contains amino acids, it helps with the restoration and the building of the hair structure, which really does help to rebuild in areas of damage.”


Rice Water Health & Strength Hair Mask


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“So low porosity hair, that’s me, sisters, if this is you, we all in the same boat together. It can be frustrating trying to get moisture into your hair in the first place. So let me share some tips that have really helped me along the way. In the early days of my journey, I was religious, like literally so strict about using heat every time I deep condition, I would do it twice a week. “

“So if you have low porosity hair, don’t be afraid of using oils and butters. Try to go for lighter oils such as grape seed oil, or you can even use argan oil. I love avocado oil. They work really, really well for my hair. And I’d also recommend looking at a butter that maybe has aloe or argan oil added to it. I particularly love the argan oil butter by Belle Bar Organic. I’ve used up two tubs of the staff. It is amazing. I don’t need a definer or anything like that. Once I have applied this to my hair, it gives my hair amazing shine and leaves my hair so hydrated. Like I am in love with this butter.”


Argan Oil Shine & Moisture Hair Butter

Argan Oil Shine & Moisture Hair Butter

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” So if you have got media porosity hair basically you’ve got the best of both worlds, you can get moisture into the hair and you can retain it without too much trouble. So I mean that is really quite lucky. The same source of products that would work for low porosity hair would tend to work well for a medium porosity hair as well.”

“It’s also really important to try and alternate between using moisturizing and strengthening or restorative treatments. Or what you could do is you could use treatments that balance both the strength and the moisture. I would recommend the restorative hibiscus mask. I really love the fact that it’s got the moisture and it’s got the protein balance out. The hibiscus mask actually contains coconut milk, which is fantastic for penetrating really deeply into the strands. The structure and the size of the ingredients in coconut milk really are able to penetrate into the hair to give maximum moisture. And it also contains some protein in the coconut milk as well.”


Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

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