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Here’s how to support your community during this time

BBO Natural Beauties

There’s no doubt that we’re living in unprecedented times. The pandemic has changed many people’s lives – not for the better – and it’s clear that black and brown communities are the most affected. But now, more than ever, we’re seeing people come together, lend a helping hand, and support each other through this. At Belle Bar, community is at the core of what we do and who we are. It’s you – the thriving collective of dope WoC – who keeps us inspired, motivated and striving to create products, resources and spaces that celebrate you, your hair and your wellbeing.

We know that everyone is at home during this time and salons are closed, so we’ve been reflecting on the best way to support our community. For us, this means giving the women like you the chance to work with us as micro-influencers, and earn from the content they create during these unsettling times. So we’ve decided to launch the BBO Natural Beauties Contest! We’re inviting content creators of all ages and curly, coils and kinky hair types to join in. You don’t need to have a large social media following – all you need to have is good lighting, a great personality and a hair tutorial to show the world. It can be anything from wash routines, styling, hair care, or adding Belle Bar products to DIY – you name it. Head here for all the details on how to apply. 

BBO Natural Beauties

Below, we’ve broken down four easy ways you can support your community now. We’re all about for showing up for those around us in the best way we can. Taking these actions individually, and encouraging friends, family and your network to support their own communities in the same way is bound to have a great ripple effect. The more the merrier!

Support any frontline health workers or first responders you know

We know that healthcare workers are currently on the frontlines, tirelessly fighting to bring the pandemic to an end. Many of them will be working insane hours during this time, and it’s important to offer support to any healthcare workers you know. It could be as simple as offering to walk their dog when they’re working, or asking to cook a meal for them and their family and drop it off at theirs (whilst maintaining social distancing measures of course!). Supporting healthcare workers in this simple way can take a load off their plates – no matter how small. 

Shop and eat via your local businesses

Instead of buying your groceries from large chains, or ordering your takeaways from franchises, pop into your local bodega or green grocer’s to do your weekly shopping, and order food from small independent eateries in your neighbourhood. Little acts like these make a huge difference to small, local businesses. This is a particularly easy step to take because you’re not necessarily changing the course of your day or going out of way – you’re fulfilling an errand or task you need, just a little differently. This only requires us to be a little more conscious and to ask ourselves questions like “Is there an independent, local place I can support instead?” before heading out the door. It pays off – big time. 

Food gathering BBO

Give blood

Healthcare workers rely on blood donations to be able to take care of those in need. Although it may not be directly linked to the pandemic, donating blood is an essential part of keeping things afloat, and many lives currently depend on it. Donating blood is a simple, easy way you can support those in need much beyond your immediate community. Head to the American Red Cross to find out more. 

Donate to your local food bank 

Food banks are under immense strain right now due to the pandemic – there’s a shortage of food items and an immediate need for them at food banks across the country. You can support your local food bank by donating a small amount of money as you’re checking out of your grocery store. You can give as little or as much as you’d like. It’s an easy way to make a difference. 

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we’re all in this together. And it’s up to us – as individuals who care – to make a difference in each little way we can. 

Head here to find out more about the BBO Natural Beauties Contest, and how you can be a part of it!

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