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Here are the ingredients to avoid using on your hair


Bad habits = bad hair. It’s simple maths! Excessive use of heat, tension on the hair and not sticking to your regimen are habits that could hinder your hair from reaching its full potential. It’s also essential to know exactly what’s in the products you’re putting into your hair (We’re big on transparency and natural ingredients here at Belle Bar!) If you’re at home (which most of us are during this period), now is a great time to have a rummage through your cabinets and read the labels on some of the hair products you own. Ingredients that don’t necessarily serve your hair might be in some of them, so it’s important to know what’s in the products you’re using. 

What are some chemicals to avoid?


These are chemicals that act as cleansing agents or detergents (they are usually found in shampoos that lather). Sulfates are damaging to curly and kinky hair because they completely strip the hair strands of moisture and their natural oils. It’s best to stick to cleansers that are moisturizing and still get the job done like our Hibiscus & Black Soap Moisturizing Hair Cleanser.


Silicone is a substance that adds a plastic/ shiny coat over your hair, blocking air, nutrients and more moisture from entering the hair shaft. Using products with silicone excessively can also lead to dull, brittle hair. We recommend natural oils such as our Moringa & Marula Soothing Sensitive Scalp Oil to give your hair a healthy, natural shine. 


These are an odorless, synthetic preservative that can be found in many cosmetic products. A few studies have shown that parabens have been linked to breast cancer. Although more research needs to be done to completely verify this claim, we recommend staying away from parabens altogether. 

What are some alternatives to these chemicals for natural hair?

At Belle Bar we’re all about Ayurveda! We believe it’s the route to healthy, voluminous hair and many women who use our products will agree. Here are some natural ingredients for your hair we swear

Rice Water 

Rice water is made up of 16% protein and has many great properties that lead to fast, healthy hair growth such as amino acids. It also has vitamins B, C, and E which are great for your hair. Our Rice Water Health & Strength Hair Mask also contains yucca, which reduces itchiness and dandruff, rosemary, which thickens hair, and aloe vera which deeply moisturizes hair, amongst many other Ayurvedic ingredients.

Avocado seed 

A brilliant superfood! Avocado has good fats, vitamins and protein that are all great for repairing damaged, protein-lacking hair. Our Ultra Nourishing Guacamole Hair Mask helps fight split ends whilst adding shine, by providing a protective layer on the hair that keeps it moisturized. It also includes natural ingredients such as onion, which restores nutrients, lemon peel which balances your scalp’s pH balance, and pink Himalaya salt which promotes circulation. 

Moringa & Marula 

Moringa is known as the “miracle tree” because it’s fruits, leaves, seeds and more have medicinal properties. It’s nutrient-rich, has antiseptic properties and leaves hair feeling moisturised but not greasy. Our new Moringa & Marula Soothing Sensitive Scalp Oil also contains marula which contains fatty acids like omegas-6 and -9 and antioxidants which nourish the scalp.  

Witch Hazel 

Taken from the leaves and bark of the American witch hazel tree, witch hazel is an amazing ingredient that helps to soothe itchiness and irritation. Our new Witch Hazel Scalp & Hair Nourishing Tea Rinse will leave your hair nourished and cleansed. 

Head here to read all about Ayurveda for hair and ways to incorporate it into your regimen.

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