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Face Mapping: Getting to the Root of Your Breakouts

Face Mapping: Getting to the Root of Your Breakouts


Picture this: you’ve been consistently following your skin routine but you keep breaking out in the exact same spot. Or worse, zits pop up in places you don’t normally break out. Now imagine this: your skin is crying out because somewhere in your body, something isn’t functioning right and it’s unleashing its wrath on your face. Sounds crazy, but it’s totally plausible. Your internal organs and how they’re working have a direct connection to what shows up on your face and where. Looking a little splotchy on your cheeks? It could be from those margs you had at happy hour. Or maybe there’s a painful pimple lurking on your chin because it’s almost that time of the month and your hormones are out of whack. This is where face mapping comes in: a centuries-old method of determining what parts beneath the surface are causing breakouts, blemishes, and flare-ups on the surface. Rooted in Ayurveda, face mapping has been a tool for estheticians and Chinese medicine doctors alike in trying to answer the age-old question: why do we break out??


There are a number of reasons why people experience problem skin. It could be your diet, the type of climate you live in, hormones, or just straight up genetics. Whatever the case is, face mapping can help us better understand the internal reason why and where pimples show up on the skin. Breakouts, oftentimes, could be the result of an infection or poor hygiene (hey dirty iPhone!). But if it persists for more than a week, break out that handy face map and get to the root of the problem. Seriously though, clean your phones. They can be dirtier than toilet seats.

Medical Disclaimer: First thing’s first please keep in mind we are not medical professionals. Please consult your doctor before making any and all changes to your diet, taking supplements, etc…

Now back to FaceMapping. Let’s break down the basic face map and learn which organ each region of the face is connected to.

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Breakouts here are directly related to your digestive system and gut health. Those late night ice cream cravings while binging on a Netflix series are going to show up front and center on your forehead. Also, high stress will cause bumps and blemishes, which will probably only stress you out more. Ugh!! Put down the Ben and Jerry’s and try incorporating more balanced foods into your diet. Drinking water can also help clear this area since it’s connected to the liver. Flush out those toxins with some lemon water, which has an amazing balancing effect on the skin. Take a yoga class or practice breathing exercises to help you relax a bit. Stress can take a toll on the skin and can lead to breakouts here and on your chin.


I know I know, fast food can be extremely alluring. But all those burgers and fries show up right between the brows. Cutting down on fatty foods can help ease blemishes in this area. Taking liver supporting supplements like milk thistle or dandelion root can reduce the appearance of pimples here, too. Also, drinking lots of water. I’m sensing a theme here….


Pimples here can be the result of poor blood circulation, which could be an implication of a poor diet of too many fatty foods. Issues like bloating, constipation, and indigestion are all causes of pimples and blemishes on the nose. Ayurveda teaches us to eat food mindfully and with consideration for the rest of our body. Eating more whole foods, like raw fruits and veggies, can improve circulation and reduce how often you break out on your nose and in your t-zone. Avoiding spicy foods and coffee, and incorporating more healthy fats into your diet, like avocado, could balance this area, as well.


Again, we see the digestive system playing a role in the pimples that pop up here. A slower metabolism and overeating–especially salty, fatty foods–could cause inflammation and splotches here. Consider taking folic acid supplements to improve your metabolism. Externally though, dirty cell phones and pillowcases could build up bacteria on the surface, causing those pesky spots. Also, if you’re a smoker (or if you’ve been around a lot of secondhand smoke), your lung function could make itself known on your cheeks. Pay attention to your breathing and the quality the of air you’re breathing. Investing in a Himalayan salt lamp could detox your area and make the air in your space a bit cleaner.


Pimples in or on your ears are painful, ya’ll!! It’s almost like they’re not supposed to pop up there but as I’ve learned, it seems that anywhere you have skin, you can probably get pimples. Ears included. Ear pimples are straight up because of poor kidney function. And as we’ve learned, the best way to flush out those toxins that are holding your kidneys back from being their best is by drinking lots of h2O. Dehydration is a common cause of breakouts on your ears, so unless you want painful breakouts (because they really do hurt) on your ears, drink up!
Catch the theme? Increasing water intake is incredible for literally all areas of the body, including the skin. Drinking more water can be hard or sound like something you don’t want to do, there are ways to drink more.

Here are 10 easy ways to up your water intake!



Breakouts here are always hormonal. And a fun fact for people who get their period: the side of chin that breaks out is connected to the ovary that’s ovulating! As far as helping breakouts here, being consistent with your skincare and drinking water to flush out toxins could keep pimples at bay. Since we don’t have much control of our hormones, patience is a virtue when dealing with breakouts on the chin. Consider external treatments, like a deep cleansing face mask. If you’re experiencing more painful, cystic breakouts in this area, consider seeing a derm who can offer stronger, medicated treatments.


So now that we know where we break out and why. It’s time to take measures to be more mindful of your breakouts, and ways you can help ease and prevent them in the future. Tomorrow we take a deeper look at how what we consume affects our skin. You don’t want to miss it!

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