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Create less waste with Belle Bar: How to reuse our packaging

Did you know that there’s a method to our beautiful madness and that all of our packaging is 100% reusable? We did that on purpose because we love the environment and our planet as much as we love you! So before you throw away that empty pouch that once held your hair masks, or one of our signature teal boxes, we’re going to tell you about some of our favorite ways to reuse and repurpose our packaging! We’re all about being resourceful – from using natural ingredients for our haircare to coming up with beautiful ways to use packaging and what we have around us, that’s our thing!

Here at Belle Bar, we primarily use three main types of packaging: boxes, glass jars and bottles, as well as tissue paper in the boxes with every order. We want to help everyone who uses our products to reduce their carbon footprint by even the smallest amount – because every bit counts. So here are a few of our favourite ways to reuse Belle Bar packaging and any other beautiful packaging you come across! 


How to reuse our Belle Bar box for makeup storage:

Are you a lil bit of a makeup hoarder? Do you have too many lipsticks you don’t know what to do with? Or do you have more eyeshadow palettes than you know what to do with? Why not repurpose our shipping boxes and use them to store your makeup? You can cut off the tops and use the box for storage. You can also cover the graphic with your own paper so you can label it and know exactly what’s in each box! Try cutting the cards that come in each order and place them in the box as dividers for more space!


How to reuse our Belle Bar jars for your own DIY body butter:

Remember our awesome recipe for your own winter body butter? You’re going to  need a place to store it, so why not use one of your empty Belle Bar jars? Once you’ve used every last bit of your Belle Bar product, wash the jar out with warm water and wipe it down to assure that no stray ingredients are left behind. Keep them on hand for when you whip up a fresh batch of body butter. The metal lid screws on so everything inside will stay nice and fresh!


Reuse our Belle Bar eyedropper bottles for travel needs:

As we all know, TSA doesn’t allow more than 100ml bottles on flights! But lucky for you, many of our Belle Bar eyedropper bottles are actually 59ml – much less than the amount you’re allowed to carry! Our Belle Bar eyedropper bottles are travel-friendly and will work great for your other beauty needs! 

When you’re done using the goodness of one of our oils (such as our Onion & Garlic Thickening Ayurvedic Herb Hair Oil or our Moringa and Marula Soothing Sensitive Scalp Oil), don’t throw away the bottle! Wash it out thoroughly and refill it with that favorite product of yours that you know you can’t bring on a plane. The seal is airtight so nothing can get in to spoil the goodness inside. You can store just about any oil in one of these bottles, which is great since we never know when we might need some when we’re away!


How to reuse our Belle Bar pouches for storing hair accessories:

Use these cute little pouches to store hair ties, bobby pins, and all those other small hair goodies that seem to disappear off the face of the earth if we’re not careful! This is especially useful for traveling. Vacation means it’s time to stunt and what better way to do that then switch up our hair everyday? Carry this with you in your gym bag and your everyday bag in case of emergency! (Pro tip: Chances are you have a couple of these around your house. You can store your tampons, wipes, and pain relievers in these too. Like a little period emergency kit!)

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