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All the ways you should be using witch hazel in your hair care regimen

Witch hazel is a magical beauty ingredient. With beneficial properties for both skin and hair, it can work wonders and should be a part of your hair care and skincare regimen. Witch hazel is a plant inidigenous to the United States. 

It is taken from the leaves and bark of the American witch hazel tree, and is an amazing ingredient that helps to soothe itchiness and irritation. It also has medicinal benefits and can aid in healing skin injuries, bruises, bites and inflammations. It also fights bacteria, making it a great natural way to clarify your scalp (more on that later!). 

This week we’re launching our Witch Hazel Scalp & Hair Nourishing Tea Rinse! This long-awaited product has only been available in our #HAIRGOALS kit and hasn’t been available to purchase individually – until now. Our Witch Hazel Tea Rinse can be used to keep the scalp nourished and free from itchiness and dryness that may come up while it’s in a protective style. 

The rinse uses witch hazel, blue cornflower, and hops to soothe the scalp and protect it with their antifungal properties. There’s also cinnamon bark and fenugreek to promote hair growth, kava kava to stop hair loss, and Dead Sea salt to cleanse. 

This cleansing tea is also packed with 15 other natural ingredients to help you nourish your scalp – this includes sage, a great herb for supporting new hair growth, and kava-kava, a tropical shrub from the Pacific Islands that combats hair loss. 

The lemongrass in this tea rinse strengthens follicles, while the marshmallow fruit makes this tea rinse great for softening your hair, and removing tangles and knots. 

Here are all the ways you can incorporate the Witch Hazel Tea Rinse into your routine to ensure healthy hair. But first, let’s talk about how to brew the rinse – perfect and ready to use.

How to brew the Witch Hazel Scalp & Hair Nourishing Tea Rinse and use it as part of your LOC or LCO method:

  1. Brew 1.5 teaspoon of tea in a provided teabag to 8oz water. 
  2. Once warm ( but not hot), pour tea water into a spray bottle, mist curls to refresh.
  3. Brew a new batch of tea water every week. 
  4. Section hair into six twists or more if hair is shorter
  5. Spray the rinse on the scalp and massage it in
  6. Spray on your hair strands, hair should be slightly damp not wet
  7. Squeeze the tea into your hair from root to tip intently
  8. Perform this on all sections.

Note: The rinse will serve as your ‘liquid’ in the process. So follow these steps by going in with your oil and butter – dependent on the order you’re going for. 

To add extra nutrients to your deep conditioner 

Because this tea rinse is particularly nutrient-rich, you can add it to your deep conditioner for some extra nourishment. Add roughly two tablespoons to your deep conditioner and apply as usual. Leave for no less than 30 mins and then rinse out thoroughly. 

For nourishing your scalp as a spritzer for added moisture in between wash days 

Use your Witch Hazel Scalp & Hair Nourishing Tea Rinse! Witch hazel is great for restoring nutrients into the hair and reducing irritation. After your hair is washed and dried, spray the rinse on your scalp (using it like a mist in a spray bottle) and make sure to massage it in. This can also be done a few nights during the week, and in between wash days. 

Cleansing your hair while it’s in a protective style

We recommend keeping in protective styles such as braids and twists for no longer than 4-6 weeks, and during that time it’s essential you keep your natural hair and scalp nourished. A great way to do this is with this tea rinse! It’s a great way to keep it clean while it’s in a protective style. Use a cotton round with some of the tea rinse on this, and run this along your scalp. Because of its antibacterial properties, witch hazel is a mild way to clarify your scalp. It will also keep the scalp nourished and free from itchiness and dryness. 

Head here to find out all about our Witch Hazel Scalp & Hair Nourishing Tea Rinse!

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