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A note from the Belle Bar team

In light of everything going on, the global pandemic and the powerful call by the Black Lives Matter movement to end police brutality, we thought we’d shed some light on some of the challenges we have been addressing. 

Belle Bar Organic is dedicated to our family and community. We know you hold us to a high standard, and make it our mission to not only meet but also exceed that standard. We apologize to everyone that has waited more than 3 weeks for their product. We promised 2-3 weeks in shipping time and regardless of our rapid growth, and/or any external factors, we did not deliver on that promise. For us, shipping has been an area where we see the most potential for improvement. We love you guys and the fact that you have supported us so much and so quickly!

With your support, we have been able to invest in people, space, and machinery which will allow us to get down to 1-2 weeks of shipping within the coming months. We want you to know that we take full responsibility for the current delays. We are committed to building not only a company that you can be proud of but a company that is convenient and easy to order from. We pledge to continue to process orders as fast as we can and communicate with you directly if there are any issues. We hear you. We’re sorry. We appreciate you.

Please know that Belle Bar Organic is a company that is committed to empowering, educating, nurturing, and spoiling the black woman. Our current shipping time does not reflect that. We know that and we are so sorry. For those that have stuck by us, we literally could not have done this without you. Your dollar, support, participation, kind words etc.. have literally kept us going. We will continue to get better. 

Switching gears a little bit, we wanted to share this blog post to shed some light on the topic of being a black business owner today, and the ways businesses should support their community. Running a business is hard work. There are bound to be bumps, hiccups and challenges along the way for any business owner, especially if they are starting off small. But being a black business owner is even more difficult due to the systemic racism in this country. It affects all aspects of life for black people, including those who run businesses. These are a few of the challenges black business owners face. Read on.   

Why is being a black business owner so difficult?

The lack of funding and resources for black business owners makes it harder for them to receive capital and launch businesses in the first place. Black households earn the least with $40,258 per year, when averaged, out of every other household. Because of socio economic issues that hinder black people from accessing investors, black business owners often fund businesses from their own pockets.

Without adequate capital to fund a business, black entrepreneurs often find that they can’t hire the full team they need, hire adequate equipment, or invest in marketing the way their counterparts can. These are all factors that impact the overall success and longevity of a business. 

Despite all the limitations, many black businesses are thriving, delivering and giving back to their communities – against all odds. It’s a testament to our power and will to keep going, despite the systemic racism in this country.  We support and salute black businesses doing the damn thing!

The relationship between black businesses and black consumers should be a supportive one. Black business would give back to the communities that have stood by them and showed them love, and the black community should continue to support black businesses and entrepreneurs. 

How can I support black businesses?

Buy black

Of course, the easiest way to support black businesses is to buy from them. Check out substitutes for brands, products and services that you’re used to buying and replace them with black-owned companies. There are many resources online and lists that have been created listed black owned businesses you can purchase from. 

Spread the word

This one is major! Never underestimate the power your words have, or the power of recommending a black-owned brand to a friend, or sharing a post by the black-owned brand on social media. One of the easiest and most effective ways for us to support black businesses is to spread the good word! Talk about the value of their product. If you work in an office, recommend they purchase some supplies from black-owned brands. If you’re having a wedding, make sure a large portion of the brands in your registry are black-owned. If you’re celebrating a birthday, ask your guests to only purchase gifts from black-owned businesses. These are brilliant ways to make sure we, and others, are putting money back into our communities. 

How should black businesses support the black community?

All businesses, black-owned or otherwise, have a responsibility to do their part. Black-owned businesses’ responsibility is to circulate the black dollar back into the community that supports it. This could mean donating a percentage of your proceeds, hiring a majority black senior management team, and partnering with other black businesses. 

Most importantly, it means making sure that your product or service is one that benefits the black community. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the products we create better the lives of black people in some way, not harm it. It’s about conscience and putting good things into our community be that through a positive message in your marketing, or the products you sell. 

How is Belle Bar supporting other black businesses during this time? 

Check out our page on #AFFIRMINGBLACKBUSINESS here

For us, it’s about supporting businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic, and ensuring that the money we make from the black community ultimately goes back to serve the same community. That’s why we’re donating 15% of the profits from #DEARBLACKGIRL kit if you purchase it along with our Onion & Garlic Thickening Ayurvedic Herb Hair Oil – which all work great for all hair porosities! For us at Belle Bar, giving back to the community that has supported us throughout is beyond important. It’s a responsibility we’re proud of. 

 If you use any of the products, please tag us at  @BELLEBARORGANIC and use the hashtag #RESPECTMYCROWN. We’d love to see your results! 

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