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Top 10 Porosity & Protein FAQ’S


We partnered up with Curly Proverbz on a “Protein & Moisture 101” Hair Series. We wanted to create an educational 3-part series where we teach you the foundations of hair care.

The truth is no matter what products you apply to your hair, no matter how you protective style your hair, what videos you watch and what blogs you read, you will not achieve your optimal hair results if you do not understand the basic foundation of your hair strand.

The foundation of hair care is basically the balance between protein and moisture. Your hair is made of protein and it needs moisture to remain healthy. Your hair porosity, your hair type, your density, etc.. are all clues to finding your unique balance of protein and moisture.

So here is the final chapter your Top 10 Porosity & Protein FAQ’S

Key Takeaways From The Video

Q. – My two-year-old daughter is a mixture of 4A, 4B and 4C , what treatments can I apply to a hair?

A. “What can’t be used in a hat because she is so young. I would say the best thing to do with a child is to start simple. Start with one ingredient or start with one conditioning mask that you will try and see how she reacts to it before you build on other things. Use very simple things like olive oil or onion and garlic oil. Those are really, really good because they’re hydrating. The onion and garlic oil from Belle Bar Organic, which I love by the way, it’s full of sulfur. I will always give the disclaimer of doing a patch test behind the air with just a small amount of any oil or any miles that you’re going to introduce to make sure that your child isn’t allergic.  “


Onion & Garlic Thickening Ayurvedic Herb Hair Oil

onion and garlic hair oil

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Q. How do we fix a protein overload?

A. “Now, I touched on this a little bit in the last video, but you basically want to stay away from any ingredients that are protein basically. You want to stay away from things like hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed collagen, wheat protein, etc… Anything that says, reconstruct. Anything that says strengthening. Anything that is basically a protein. You want to stay away from it for a while. The next thing I would suggest is to clarify. You can clarify with cleanser or you can use black soap to clarify your hair… And then you want to go in with moisture-based conditioners to nourish your hair”


Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

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